In the Beginning Was Information

Information something we all are familiar with but have a hard time describing. Technically, we could define it as an encoded message containing an expected action and intended purpose. We deal with recognizing information every day and most of the time you dont even give thought to the fact that you are doing so. For example, up until right now, you most likely were not thinking about the fact that you are recognizing and interpreting information as you read this article. You would also quickly and easily realize that rocks randomly strewn on the ground do not represent information.

Did you ever stop to think where information comes from? Probably not. You have more interesting things to occupy your time, like deciding what youre going to have for dinner. However, the existence of information is actually one of the best evidences for an intelligent creator and thats what this brief article is all about.

Lets look at a few examples of information. The most pertinent and obvious one, and one weve already referred to, is this article. It is a series of letters arranged into words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs. Information can also be in the form of hieroglyphics which uses symbols to convey a message. The famous SOS Morse Code (dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot) and bar codes are also examples of how information is represented and conveyed.

Information on a computer hard drive is stored in a digital format (made up of 1s and 0 ...

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