You Cannot Change

   Powerless. What does that word mean to you? Most people do not like this word. In our western society we work hard, believe we can do and accomplish anything we set our minds to. In some ways this is true. We are doers and accomplishers. Anything else is called “incompetent” or “lazy.”  

   I heard one the other day, “People are so lazy today, if they got the job of sleeping, they would wake up and quit.” Those driven to lead, cringe when they hear, “I just can’t do it.” The sports mentality carries the shouting cries of “go, fight, win!” And “you can do it, give it all you got, don’t be a loser!” “Oh, they lost, I watched the game, looked to me like they weren’t even trying.” Here is a real old one, “pull yourself up by your boot straps and do it!” 

   Webster defines the word “powerless” as: “without power; weak, feeble, impotent, unable, not empowered, etc.” To the motivational speaker these are characteristics to overcome and eradicate from our life, at all costs, so we can become a better person. The Analytical Greek Lexicon, defines the Greek word, translated to English as “powerless:” “without strength, weak, infirm, helpless, imperfect, inefficient, infirm in body or sickly.” All definitions we cringe at and seek to overcome. Another pla ...

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