What Is the Character of A Man?

June   2022
   This series of articles is primarily aimed at men, but it will also pertain to women in some aspects.

   All you need do to be confused by the question, “what is the character of a man,” is hang out with men at varying functions at differing places. Some men are pleasant to be around and some are rude and even repulsive. Most fit somewhere between those book ends. I am interested in discovering what God thinks about this question. The spark behind the fire I want to light, then extinguish, is a statement that I have heard to many times, from even those who should know better. “Men are wired differently. A man is turned on (aroused) by sight.” I have heard pastors say this, famous Christian book writers and even counselors. Of course, many men want to agree. I say hogwash! For 40-50 years this concept has been pushed by pornography and it permeates our American society. Does it happen? Of course, but is it the way God designed a man to be? Like an animal, driven by sight and instinct?

   “So, God created man in His own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female He created them.” (Genesis 1:27). The Hebrew word “create” means to cut out and the word for “image” means resemblance as in a representative. Literally, male and female were cut out of the character of God to be a representative of who God is ...

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