God’s Instructions Protect Us

May 2023

   Recently while in Choleteca, Honduras, I was able to observe the statue of Jose’ Cecilio Del Valle.  Who is this person?  In the early 1800s, he was considered the wisest person in Honduras, as he was the one that wrote the constitution to free his country from Spain’s colonization.  He was revered throughout that region of Central America. 

   After requesting wisdom when God gave him the choice of having anything he wanted, King Solomon was revered throughout that known world (2 Chronicles 1:7-10).  Heads of countries like the Queen of Sheba (2 Chronicles 9), specifically traveled a great distance to Jerusalem to spend time with Solomon, just to listen to this wise man.  Solomon demonstrated great wisdom when two women claiming to be the mother of a living child and wanted Solomon to decide about the dispute (1 Kings 3:16-28). 

   King Solomon prospered, built the Temple of God and was greatly praised and honored.  The humbleness of his prayer to seek wisdom from God was blessing him.  Why did he not finish his life well?  His heart turned from God (1 Kings 11).  Though he had every blessing from God, Solomon did not continue to listen to God and lost his fear of God. 

   Obedience to things God said was not followed.  Solomon fell in love with foreign wives (had 700 wive ...

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