Enemy Invasion Of Our Country

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

May 2023

Why are millions of military-age men being enticed into illegally crossing into the United States of America?

Yes, there are some women and kids in the videos we are shown, for window dressing and possibly as trafficing victims.  Mostly the illegals are young men and often with violent affinities.  We are being told these men are being brought in as future Democrat voters, tsk tsk. No, the Democrats don't need voters, as they have proven by cheating in every recent election, county, state and federal.  What they need is gunmen!

On news shows we hear interviewers and interviewees reciting talking points handed to them by their network producers about why the immigrants are coming here, for jobs, for better living, to escape oppression, etc.  Looking at the news videos we are shown, none of these men are dirty, ragged, exhausted as if they had just walked hundreds or thousands of miles. But what is the motive for "someone" to recruit and transport them to our borders and into our country?  That operation requires a lot of organization and expense. How will that be paid back to the investors?

Are the Democrats afraid that the U.S. military might balk at shooting American citizens, their own parents, siblings and neighbors?  It won't be a problem for these illegals, who have no share in the Constitution, or our history or cultur ...

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