Vision Of Today's Churches

Complimentary Story
June 2024

   I was driving through town and passed several “churches.”  They were all nicely manicured and landscaped. Their buildings were all very nice and they were all well taken care of. Just like most “Christian” homes that I see. Much more time put into the presentation of who they are, rather than the foundation and structure of who they are.

   Then I saw a picture of each of these “churches”... and they were all full of corpses... lost souls and dead babies. The dead, rotting bodies were all over their beautiful lawns, on their buildings, on the roofs and hanging off the roofs and, in the parking lots. And blood was flowing out of the driveway entrance like a fast-moving river. And I could see everything they had done, including serving themselves and making sure they had everything they needed and wanted!  

   I saw the many times that they saw the suffering of others but rationalized (from watching their loved ones and leaders, including their parents and grandparents and church leaders!), that it wasn’t their problem. From childhood until the last breath they took, I saw their laughter and sadness; and, at the end, I saw emptiness and loneliness. And, then I saw their present “agony” and “torment!”

   I saw the church as if I was entering through the front door. And there were dead bodies all around the front area and, as I entered into the main area with the pews, there were thousands of corpses of the members of the church and several generations of their families.

   I was walking through two feet of the blood of the lost souls, the “least of these,” the BILLIONS of babies that were tortured to death, and all the member’s souls, who were all betrayed by the leadership of their “church” and, the lost souls and those, “crying out for mercy” were ignored, by the members of the “church.”

   And, then I began to hear the screaming! The screaming of all those souls who are burning in hell; all those souls of their members, who ignored God’s Word and the cries from hell, their entire lives, trusting their parents, grandparents church leaders and the professing Christians around them; and all the silent screams of our pre-born neighbors and brothers, that were anything but silent now. Their screams shot through me like a bolt of lightening that would not stop shooting through my soul, paralyzing me as if I were dead myself.

   I looked up to the altar and saw the many “pastors” and their entire families, several generations, who were piled up on top of each other.  Their children and their children and their children... all burning in hell because they trusted their parents, grandparents and church “leaders” and they had lived their lives of comfort and leisure, always ensuring they had all their needs and wants met, even while watching, and ignoring, the suffering and those, “crying out for mercy.”

   And, how they had all trained their precious families, one generation after the next, to follow man’s traditions, to follow “dead men” and to follow their hearts, instead of God’s Word and not heed all the warnings throughout Scripture that forewarned us from falling into Satan’s trap.

   As I went to my knees sobbing, I asked the Lord, “Why?”  After a short pause, the Lord reminded me of six verses (email me if you would like to know them as I need to condense article!).

   THOUSANDS OF BABIES are being LITERALLY ripped apart, one limb at a time, in an orderly fashion, without any pain medication, dying an EXCRUTIATINGLY BARBARIC DEATH, DAILY!

   How can you be “comfortable” and enjoy your “leisure” activities and have NO LOVE for them?

   How can you “train” your precious children to be OK with this GREAT EVIL among us and STILL believe you are walking with God?

   Does your heart not grieve for these souls? Does your heart not grieve for the HORRIFYING TORTURE that THOUSANDS of these babies are going through, DAILY?

   Have you no desire for others to be saved? Then you are not saved yourself, be sure of that! Will you not hear the cries of those, “crying out for mercy?” 


   Will you not love the “least of these” and, rather, face Me as a “goat” on “Judgment Day” only to be thrown into the Lake of Fire with the devil and his angels?


   He who has ears to hear, let him hear.

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