Debunking Three Common Misconceptions About Christian Attorneys

As members of a profession that is well-known for its less savory members, those attorneys who chose to make their practice a part of their faith are confronted with unique challenges. Among the most significant of these challenges are three misconceptions that have a constant effect on retention of clients, case progress and ongoing client relationships. The misconceptions, when evaluated in depth, are nothing more than attempts by anti-Christian interests to keep business away from attorneys who work hard to stay above the temptations presented by an imperfect system.

Misconception #1: Christian Attorneys Are Less Qualified Than Non-Christian Attorneys

A nationally-recognized Christian finance ministry program provides parishioners the advice that, in highly-technical situations, it is not contrary to Biblical teachings to seek counsel from a non-Christian. While this may technically be true, it is founded on the belief that there are certain issues that are so specific and complex that there is not a Christian attorney competent to represent an individual in the matter. In fact, Christian attorneys practice around the state and the nation in every area of law with a great deal of competence and ability. Further, an attorney guided by Christian principles is bound to maintain the necessary knowledge and training so that he can honestly represent to his clients that he is qualified to assist them. Make no mistake that there are professionals in all wa ...

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