The Collared Peccary

Most folks in our area of the country probably have heard of a kritter called the Peccary...but more than likely have no idea that these pig-like kritters are actually native to North America.

The Collared Peccary, is also known as the Javelina, Tayaussa or the Musk Hog. They are called Javelina because of their razor-sharp tusks, Spanish for javelin or spear. The peccary is un-like the true pigs and hogs raised here on farms in the USA that were originally brought to this country from Europe. The non-native European hogs are not environmentally friendly, and escaped feral pigs and European boar have caused much crop and property damage and also compete with our native wildlife.

The native-born peccary, on the other hand, is well suited for the American environment. While Peccaries may look similar to pigs, Peccaries are classified in a family of their own because of anatomical differences. They are members of the Tayassuidae Family, while true pigs are members of the Suidae Family. Peccaries are slimmer and 30-50 pounds smaller than pigs, have longer, thinner legs and smaller hooves. Peccaries have only 3 toes on each hind foot, instead of 4 as with true pigs. Peccaries, too, have tusks, but their tusks point downward, not curled upward as with wild boar. Peccaries also have strong musk glands on the top of the rump. Their odor is always quite pungent - especially when they are excited. Youll most likely smell a peccary before you see it.

Pecca ...

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