Honoring Your Wife

Rivaling the dismal state of our economy here in America - and even more disconcerting - is the horrific state of our marriages and families. According to one study, 56% of first marriages in America today end in divorce. That rate jumps to 67% for second marriages, and a whopping 73% for third marriages. Apparently, those who think the “grass is greener” on the other side of the marriage fence are woefully mistaken.

Additionally, a study from two years ago showed that 40% of babies in this country were born out of wedlock. But this is only an average. For example, among black Americans, this number jumps to 70%. And these figures are two years old!

What is the cause of all this? Many will point to a variety of culprits: joblessness and poverty; financial stress due to living beyond one’s means; a society drenched in sexual deviance; the widespread acceptance of sex outside of marriage (known in the Bible as fornication); the explosion of internet pornography; the abdication of personal responsibility - especially among husbands and fathers; relationships borne out of fantasy shown in most movies and TV programs, which create a sense of discontentment; the ‘Women’s Liberation’ movement, which begs the question: “liberated from WHAT?”

All of these “excuses” are valid and the list certainly goes on. But I assert that the basic problem boils down to one thing: selfishness.

In ...

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