The Genesis Flood: Fact or Fiction?

   The Bible clearly states that there was a global, catastrophic flood during Noah’s time, roughly 1,700 years after creation (1,656 according to the genealogies).  Genesis 6-9 gives us the background and a fair amount of details regarding this extraordinary event.  I personally believe that the Bible is the inerrant inspired Word of God, so I have no doubt this is a literal historical event that changed the world forever.

   However, many people don’t necessarily have the same view of the Bible and are more apt to be interested in the actual physical evidence.  So is there actually evidence for the Genesis flood?  In this brief answer, we will look at just of few of the many evidences that confirm the historical accuracy of the Bible’s account of the flood.

   It is interesting to point out, just before delving into the geological evidence, that there are over 270 flood stories from cultures all around the world.  Certainly, some of them have become embellished over the years, but it stands as strong evidence for the reality of this event.  Consider now, the following lines of physical evidence:

Massive Amounts of Sedimentary Layers

   A worldwide flood would deposit massive layers of sedimentary rock all over the planet… and that’s just what we see.  The Grand Canyon is the best place to see many of these layers because they are greatly expo ...

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