The Song Sparrow: Natures Opera Singer

   The Song Sparrow is one of the first birds we will see as the winter snows melt away. They have one of the most beautiful and melodious songs in all the bird kingdom. And they join the symphony of songs as the birds of spring return to the north country to find their mates and raise their new families.

   Song Sparrows are medium-sized and fairly chunky sparrows. Their bills are short and stout and their heads are somewhat rounded. Their tails are long but also  rounded and they have broad wings.

   Song Sparrows are kind of streaky and brown with dark streaks on their white chest and sides. Their head color is a mix of reddish-brown and slate gray but this coloring varies among the different variations of Song Sparrows across North America.

   Song Sparrows flit their way through thick vegetation and low hanging branches, moving out onto open ground when looking for food. Most of their flying is for short distances with a fluttering motion and a typical downward bobbing of their tail.

   Male Song Sparrows sing their beautiful “love” songs from the branches of small trees. Look for Song Sparrows along open forest edges,  marsh edges, overgrown fields, backyards, and desert washes. Song Sparrows commonly visit backyard bird feeders and often build their nests near human habitation.

   Scientists recognize 24 subspecies of Song Sparrows and have described as ...

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