The Bane of Pietism and the Murder of the Preborn

   Many Christians have attacked our efforts on behalf of the preborn over the years. This happens because much of American Christianity is rooted in Pietism. Pietism thinks that Christianity only affects the inward or the personal. The Pietist believes Christianity should be a private matter, and should withdraw from the public square and public policy.

   The Pietist believes that the “only solution” for the ills of society is to “just preach the Gospel,” therefore our trying to stop abortion is a waste of time.  Once a majority of people get saved - so their logic goes - only then will there be a change for good in the culture and laws.

   The problem with this view is that Jesus said narrow is the way that leads to life and FEW there be that find it (Mt. 7:13,14). Hence, those who truly convert to Christ will always be in the minority - a small minority.  The “we need to change hearts; get the majority of people saved; and then we’ll see the laws of the land change” idea is simply not true.

   The Pietist also says that we’re amiss in telling people not to kill their babies because “We should expect sinners to act like sinners.” In truth however, that sinners will act like sinners is precisely why we need good laws in our nation. The moral law of God is for sinners. (I Tim.1:9-11) Law restrains men from doing wrong or evil, and punishes them w ...

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