Some Select Leadership Lessons

   In the month of August I was fortunate to be able to attend two events that focused on leadership, Family Life’s men focused Stepping Up Saturday morning simulcast and Willow Creek’s annual two day Global Leadership Summit. The challenge in attending events like this is that you don’t always know what kind of wisdom you are going to be getting due to the variety of speakers and the short amount of time each speaker is given to say something worthwhile. Sometimes you are disappointed, but more often you get some good insight and learn something new or are reminded of something you already knew but haven’t been practicing. One of the takeaways from Patrick Lencioni was this point: “People need to be reminded more than they need to be instructed.”

   Here are a few leadership lessons from some of the speakers at these events:

   Manhood is a decision, with character being one of its most important components. It is rooted in the right thing, demonstrated by endurance and consistency over time. It is not casual, it requires continual effort and work, an intentional pursuit of moral excellence, fighting against our sinful nature. Rely on the Holy Spirit and your surrender to Jesus Christ to help you in this battle. Don’t fight the battle on your own and don’t give up your role in the battle. Grace applies when we repent and ask forgiveness for our sin, it doesn’t apply when we keep ...

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