Simply Divine

   I sat in my Sunday school class last week, listening to John share his testimony of how God had provided gainful employment for him. He shared how thankful he was and that he was going to work as hard as he could to make himself valuable to his boss. Explaining that his boss happened to be Mormon, he went on to say that he had no intention of stirring things up with him, but only to work hard and be useful. The rest of the class chuckled as John finished up. One person shouted out, “Sounds to me like God has a divine purpose for you there, John!” A round of hearty ‘amens’ was heard from others in our class.

   Are you looking for a divine purpose in your life? Maybe it is a special ministry that you are pursuing or a specific role at church; maybe it is a book you want to write or a message that you believe the Lord has laid on your heart to share with others in a speaking venue.  How many times do we seek and pursue God’s divine purpose for our lives?

   We are misguided in seeking a divine purpose within our life and must understand that the purpose of the Christian life is divine. Divine is the umbrella that covers the whole of the Christian’s life. It is the definition that all aspects, occasions, events and desires must filter through. God’s purpose is not that we would search and seek and find something of divine value in our life to do for Him; but rather, that our entire life ...

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