Wisconsin Right to Life Poised to Lead Right-to-Life State Legislative Agenda

   The silver lining in the November 6 elections is that Wisconsin has a right-to-life Governor, Scott Walker, and strong right-to-life majorities in both houses of the legislature!

   Wisconsin Right to Life distributed over 12 million voter education messages to inform voters about the positions of right-to-life candidates, and to identify who is pro-abortion, using television ads, radio ads, bus transit signs, mailings, phone calls, the Internet and social media.   Our parent organization, the National Right to Life Committee, supplemented our activities with mailings and radio ads.

   Wisconsin Right to Life is the only pro-life organization in Wisconsin that conducted such extensive activities.

   What do these results mean for the legislative session beginning in January 2013?  New legislation intended to protect unborn children, women, families, and taxpayers is possible. Wisconsin Right to Life stands poised to work closely with committed legislative leaders to enact a right-to-life state legislative agenda.

   Measures under consideration are:

•  Prohibiting the use of your taxpayer dollars to pay for abortions for state employees.

•  Requiring that a woman seeking abortion view an ultrasound of her unborn child.

•  Prohibiting the performance of an abortion on an unborn child who will experience pain from the procedure.
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