Unwanted Harvest?

   A pastor picketed a local university with a billboard reading, “HOMOSEXUALS REPENT OR BURN IN HELL!”  One of his associates proceeded to enter a shouting match with a gay student offended by their message.  When I heard of this incident, I thought, “Lord, I think this man is saved.  How can he get away with this type of preaching?” Unfortunately, I can be sure his approach will not help them turn from their sin, but may turn them away from God.  If the Lord has called him to preach the Gospel, how effective is he when only saved people will listen to him?

   You might wonder why I care.  After all, he doesn’t share my burden to see men and women struggling with homosexuality be restored to wholeness.  So I should ignore him and go on, right?

   Wrong!  We need him!  And not just for “ex-gay” ministries either.  The pastor (like all of us) needs a kingdom perspective!  Rather than looking at gays and lesbians through the eyes of worldly anger, he needs to view them through the eyes of godly love.  Every believer needs a Christlike response over the continuing decline of Christian values.  Too many times we are more committed to being right than loving, and in dong do so we are neither.

   We need to proclaim God’s standard against homosexuality with compassion.  We should explain His standards regarding ...

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