The Miracle of 1814

   August 24, 1814… a sentinel date for Christian Americans. Yet, because of anti Christian influences on US history, few of the faithful are aware of the Miracle that occurred on this date in Washington, DC. What miracle? You may ask, did our politicians actually act in the best interest of Americans rather than their self interest? What…are you kidding? No, this was a bona fide, Old Testament type of miracle that was bestowed upon a young Uncle Sam.

   A typical teenager, the impetuous Sam knew it all.  Fed up with his father, George, telling him how to run his life, Sam rebelled. In 1776, he let George know, in no uncertain terms, that he was setting out on his own, never to return home. He was an adult now, and his father no longer held any sway over him.

   Full of newfound independence, Sam realized the decisions he faced were bigger than he, at first, realized. Independent as he was, maybe some advice from some friends might serve him well on the critical crossroads decisions.  So, Sam sought counsel from his friends, an elite cream of the crop of Colonial American intellect, our Founding Fathers.

   Some encouraged Sam to proudly declare his Christian faith to the world. After all, without another host of Old Testament miracles, without the hand of God sweeping down to his aid, Sam could never have won his independence from the mightiest military force in the history of the world. Sam ...

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