Key Differences Separate Advisers from Salesmen

   Like many other professions, lawyers essentially earn a living by selling their knowledge.  While it provides a great opportunity to get a paycheck while helping others, selling an intangible is difficult in that it is impossible to put a definitive value on what is being offered.  From the consumer’s point of view, the same indefiniteness, coupled with the privacy concerns connected to legal services, make choosing a wise and trustworthy attorney very difficult.

   While a full discussion of which attorney is best for a given project is inherently situation-specific, an important distinction can be made for all cases.  For a client or loved one looking for the right attorney to evaluate, advise and advocate, it is critical to seek out an individual who is an advisor and not just a salesman.  The following three distinctions will assist you in separating one from the other.

   1).  Advisers Teach, Salesmen Sell.  The fundamental difference between advisers and salesman is that, at heart, an adviser is there to serve the client, while the salesman is there to serve him or herself.  When meeting with any professional, be sure to note during your meeting whether that person is attempting to educate you about your options or whether he is trying to convince you to buy what he knew he wanted to sell you before you walked in the door.  This doesn’t mean that an adviser won’t hav ...

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