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  As a young person, I loved playing a game called “King of the Hill.”  Due to the area I grew up in, we would receive a large amount of snow each winter and trucks would push the snow into big piles, sometimes, seven or more meters high.  We also climb hills in the summer that would be even higher and play the game.  
   The rules of the game were simple.  Be the first person to climb up the dirt or snow hill and then keep pushing others off the so they could not remain on the top.  If you were not the first one up on top, your goal would then be to push the one who was on top off the top so then you would be “The King of the Hill.”   We used to play this game with girls too and there were some girls I knew that could hold their own as the “King” or in their case,” Queen” of the Hill.  Being one of the bigger individuals playing this game, I would often reign as “King” for a good share of the game’s duration.  
   More than once one of us would receive a bloody nose, broken glasses or a very sore leg or arm (rarely broken) as a result.  Banging your head on the hard packed snow did not feel good either but the goal was to be the “King” or “Queen.”  The pain was well worth the title.  
   Playing “The King of the Hill” game is often how we look and pursue leadership, ...

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