Little Kernel with Great Return

   Two little corn kernels were overheard eagerly talking about their futures and their excitement of having an ear of corn with 250 kernels, especially since they had just talked to Daddy Corn Stalk who showed him his ear!  The first kernel started to talk about how “Dying to self to become a corn stalk with a big ear of corn was exciting.”  The second kernel, with a startled look said, “Die to self; I don’t want to die at all.  I think I will just stay in the granary with the rest of the kernels.”  The conversation continued, but the first kernel was unable to change the second kernel’s mind.  At harvest time, the outcome became obvious to both of them. The first kernel, who died to self, became a corn stalk with 2 bountiful ears of corn.  However, the second stayed as he was; alone with no harvest.
   This little story reminded me that planting time is a big deal with rigid standards to be followed to ensure a bountiful harvest.  If for any reason; neglect, ignorance, poor planning, lack of preparation, you are off your game, consequences follow.  As I thought about it, the following life lessons came to mind:
   1).  Musty and Dusty:  Seed productivity depends on timely planting in fertile soil.  When kept in the granary or storage too long, the seeds get musty and dusty.  After a prolonged period, the seeds lose thei ...

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