When in Doubt, Seek Counsel Out

   In a legal environment where more and more people are electing to represent themselves in drafting documents, responding to formal requests and even attending Court appearances, attorneys are often asked the question “Do I need an attorney for this?”  As with many loaded questions, the response is much more involved than the inquiry.  In order to ensure that one is represented in all matters that carry significant legal consequences, the following questions should be stored in the back of one’s mind for future reference.
Is this a significant
   While many people (attorneys included) have haphazardly signed documents placed in front of them without much more than a passing thought (think about purchasing a home), it is wise to be careful to stop and take stock when we are asked to sign any document or commit to any official response, whether it is in the form of testimony, payment of a significant sum of money or acceptance of a verbal settlement.  If any of those things are asked, it is best to discuss the matter with a professional before diving in.  An honest attorney is happy to advise clients of their rights and any concerns brought on by a particular event, and, just as an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, it is much easier and less expensive for an attorney to assist a client in advance of a major decision than it is for the attorney to attempt to untangle a legal mess ...

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