Navigating the Maze of Medical Expenses

   One of the most troublesome problems facing an individual injured in an accident is dealing with medical bills.  We have noticed a definite trend in the health care industry.  Health care providers are much more aggressive in collection activities and health insurers are much slower in paying bills.  Therefore, the injured party, even though he or she has adequate health insurance, receives troubling phone calls and notices of outstanding balances.  Recovering from an injury is hard enough.  Being forced to field collection calls and threatening correspondence adds to the misery.
   A good personal injury attorney can make all of the difference.  In these days where credit scores are so important, good legal representation is indispensable.
   Many of our clients tell us that hospital emergency rooms and physicians’ clinics are telling them they cannot bill health insurance or Medicare for accident-related treatment.  They must bill the automobile insurance policies.  This is not true.  The reason injured parties are told this is purely financial.
   Many health insurance policies and government health plans are designed so that the health care provider must accept less than the full amount of their bill.  When the health care provider becomes aware that the treatment relates to an accident, they prefer billing automobile insurance policies.  Those poli ...

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