Refined:Life Through ‘Homosexuality,’ ‘Transgenderism’ and Beyond

Complimentary Story
  I have been set free from homosexuality and transgenderism for over nine years now. The freedom that I experience is only available in, with and through JESUS CHRIST. One of the most important factors in being set free is knowing that as a man of GOD, I must represent HIM in word, deed and action at all times. This means that regardless of how I “feel” or what I “think,” there is a standard that I must live by if I am to be a good witness and representation of HIM. 

   This being said, once JESUS rescued me from the deception of the lgbtP movement, I had to address my characteristics/mannerisms — ultimately, my feminine ways and behavior. You see, that was NOT of GOD. That was how I adapted and grew up in this backwards society that tells boys they can act like girls if they “think” or “feel” like it. Well, the sin of homosexuality and the sin of being effeminate are two different and very separate sins. It is our duty to recognize and address them. 

   That being said, I thought a good introduction article for me would be to speak of when I was living in the sinful world of homosexuality, transgenderism, prostitution and sexual addictions.  During that time, I was sure of one thing...... that the men I was involved with (paid and unpaid sex) were married, engaged or dating a woman and most of them had children. At the time, this knowledge would give me satisfaction that I was the other “woman” and the fact that I was really a man made it all the more exciting for me.

   Some folks think they are managing their emotional lives quite well because they have never been “found out,” or because they have kept their homosexual  contacts separate from the rest of their lives, or because they have repressed their feelings. But those are not our goals if we seek recovery from these Unwanted lusts of the flesh.
   Rather, we seek the freedom that comes from a humble admission that we really are powerless and that our emotions are out of control.

   The anger we see in ourselves, or others, may possibly be a sign of repression of a secret life. A depressed attitude may be another sign of the unshared emotional pain being repressed. If we have had sexual relations with the same sex, and many of us have, then we must know that that is something we must deal with openly and humbly if we expect to ever be totally FREE.  In many cases, that hidden, deep, dark secret will lead many back to a life of drugs, alcohol and/or sexual sin. 

   Imagine that you have a vicious animal which can kill and maim. You are fearful that it will get loose or someone will come to the door and be hurt. You lock the creature up in the basement of your home. You feed it secretly and never reveal its existence to anyone. You hope no one will ever discover it. You hear it snarl and growl in the night and even you are often frightened by it, but you say, “I’ve got this thing under control.”

   You may think it is under control, but you are not free from it! It dominates your thinking and makes for discomfort and fear. It separates you from others and affects your behavior. You may think you control it, but, in reality, it controls you.

   So it is with our emotions.  Unless we are able to face them realistically and openly before our Heavenly FATHER and pray: “Dear FATHER JEHOVAH in Heaven, I am weary of my sinful ways, my hiding this angry, secret part of me, my slavery to this ferocious feeling which dwells in me. I confess, LORD, the unmanageable nature of this beast to which I have given my loyalty for so long. I now renounce it. And I am no longer ashamed because CHRIST died for me — that I might be free indeed. Thank YOU, Thank YOU FATHER GOD. Thank YOU for YOUR HOLY SPIRIT, YOUR strength and guidance and for the promise YOU have given us by the birth, the life, the death and the resurrection of JESUS CHRIST, it is in HIS Name we Pray, Amen.”

   You see, confession to GOD is just part of rediscovering our true identity in JESUS CHRIST. Next we must confess to others. Make our deepest and darkest secrets a powerful testimony of freedom. We do not confess in confidence, but with humility and hope of someone hearing our confession giving them the boldness to also confess and address their own deep dark secrets. Amen.

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