Jesus' Number One 'Social' Issue

   There are many social issues today, some people discuss which one or ones are the most important. Some say they are all important and you should get involved in the one you feel most passionate about. I wonder which one is the most important to Jesus.

   Where would He be protesting, holding signs or speaking into a megaphone? Would it be the abortion lines where innocent children die every day? Would it be the divorce court and the breakdown of the family? Would He take up the fight against sex trafficking and pornography? Do you think His most important issue would be the freedom America has enjoyed for over 200 years and is being threatened by socialism? Which candidate would He campaign for?

   Maybe defeating the encroachment of a one world order would capture the passion of Jesus. Perhaps Jesus would choose pointing out the inevitable descending wrath of God upon the unbelieving as number one. Could it be that the lonely elderly left alone to await death without family or outside visitors? Is it the prison inmate isolated from the world because of mistakes made? Is it those suffering mental or physical illness? I wonder if it could be children who live in abusive homes or the spouse who suffers abuse?

   Do you think it might be with those who suffer wrongful death at the hands of drivers under the influence of alcohol or other drugs? Perhaps Jesus would choose the most important soc ...

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