Personal and Inviting

   What do you think about this time of year? What does your mind focus on? My wife and I usually watch the movie, “Passion of the Christ.” This year we had more evening time than during years past so we watched a number of movies depicting Jesus’ life and crucifixion. 

   Something happened to me this year, different than the past. By the third and fourth movies something very personal was happening to me. Jesus was no longer coming to take away the sins of the world.  When the cat of nine tails dug into His flesh and was retracted, ripping chunks of muscle and skin from His body, as He screamed from the pain of spikes being driven through His hands and feet; with each scream of pain, a brief surge, like electrical current went through me. I told, Terry, my wife, that I didn’t think I could watch any more movies like this, this year. 

   Of course, I know that Jesus died for everyone and all that come to Him find forgiveness of sin, but something personal was happening to me that I want to convey to you, the reader, that it might become personal for you also. When we attended church, this past week and when I took communion, the same, electric-like, surge went through me again, as I remembered Jesus, and the tears ran down my face. The sins of the world didn’t put Jesus on the cross, MY sins did; mine.  He didn’t die on the cross to pay the penalty for the sins ...

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