The Ongoing Battle With Ourself

   Have you ever been in a battle with your will? How many things confront you on a regular basis that are off limits, compulsive or obsessive? These things may not be earth shaking or maybe they are, but you know they may not be the best for you or even in the long run be harmful to you, but you do them anyway. 

   Self-will is an issue for all people and when self-will runs rampant, without boundaries or limits, it becomes addiction or idolatry. You may be thinking, “well, if you have a problem with _____ just stop.

   May I suggest an exorcise for you? For the next 10 days focus only on your relationship with God.  Of course, do the basic necessities of work, family and hygiene but stop everything else, including habits like, but not limited to, coffee, scrolling the internet, watching television and rigorous exercise. Days one and two eat only small amounts of raw fruit and vegetables, days four to seven drink only water, at least four big glasses or more every day, (very important so you don’t do kidney damage), the eighth day eat only small amounts of raw fruit and day nine modest amounts of raw fruit and cooked vegetables. Day ten back to a healthful diet. Yes, this is a classic fast. If you don’t want to try this, ask yourself, why?  What is it in your life that is more important than your relationship with God? What is it that you don’t want to give up? Do a little rese ...

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