The Power of a Whole Grain

August 2022

   The April 17, 2018 edition of Science Daily reported:  “Scientists decipher wheat genome code.”

   It turns out the genome of a whole grain of wheat, including bran and germ, is five times more complex than that of the human body. The wheat genome is huge. The wheat genome contains 16 billion genetic pairs compared to 3.3 billion in human DNA. This was an amazing discovery.  Check it  out here:  

   To appreciate the significance of this discovery you must connect the dots from the parts missing in white flour foods, bran and germ, to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and most diseases epidemic in our times. Robert J. Peshek D.D.S. does this beautifully in the quote below from his book NUTRITION FOR A  HEALTHY HEART.” Epidemics of degenerative disease expose the enormity of a whole grain mistake that’s comparable to the “expert” mistake of excluding biomolecules made by God from medicine. 

   Here is a quote from page 119 of NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY HEART by Dr. Peshek published in 1979 while he was president of the International College of Applied Nutrition. Don&rsquo ...

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