Perfect Health Made Simple

September 2022

   Perfect health is the highest level of total wellness of body and soul that you and God agree are possible for you. This will be unique for everyone.  In general, it means a body free of aches and pains, disease, and a mind free of stress and fear. However, how healthy anyone can become even with all the powers of earth and heaven working together will  be somewhat dependent on age, organs missing in surgery, malnutrition in youth etc. Nevertheless, anyone still alive has a chance to go from worse to better, and some maybe to near perfect even in a world of pollution and food corruption.  

   The best hope for success is to KISS - “Keep It Simple, Student.” How is that possible when  the body is such a complex creation, “fearfully and wonderfully made?” (Psalm. 139).  The answer is to focus on the balance of key body systems upstream to everything else – to organs, glands, cells etc. What’s made whole upstream will work its way downstream as in any river. If you have read “The Power of a Whole Grain” in a previous issue, you know the power of simple truth to create an upstream that moves buckets of goodness downstream.  It also works in our spiritual lives: “I am the vine, you are the branches.”

   Balancing any key body system is thus the simple way to better health without the ...

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