May God Be Glorified -- Philippians 1:21-26

October 2022

   Each decade of our lives seems to bring unique challenges and dilemmas. In our youngest years, our dilemmas seem to center around what to play at recess and what we want for our birthday. As we grow into our teenage years, the dilemmas become what to wear to school and who to spend our time with. In college, we begin to face career choices and may be contemplating a marriage partner. Adulthood brings its own choices such as a house to live in, a car to drive, and bills to pay. Obviously, there are more serious challenges that we can face, like a wayward child, abusive parents, a lost job, death of a loved one, and so many other dilemmas that life brings our way.     

   Paul was facing his own dilemma in Philippians 1:21-26. He was in bondage, writing to the Philippians. His dilemma: Did he want to live or did he want to die? We struggle relating to Paul’s dilemma. For most of us it is a pretty easy decision; we do whatever we can to remain here on this earth with the body we are so familiar with. Part of the reason is that we struggle to comprehend how marvelous Heaven is. All of our experiences are down here on earth right now. We know heaven is better, but our desire is still often placed down here. This was truly a dilemma for Paul, however. He speaks as being torn between the two, like some of us are torn between two equally delicious dessert options.

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