Young People Of Godly Character

October 2022

   Find people who will be positive and honest in your life.  Hopefully that list includes your parents and guardians.  We need people who speak truth to us and live accordingly.  If you are hanging around people who are not in that category, get away from them.  That is why it was mentioned that your parents/guardians are on that list.

   The level of influence your family and friends have on you is enormous.  Shawn Byler, Ph.D., who works with athletes, shares, “Athletes will learn faster, perform better, and have fewer practice problems when the coach uses techniques to catapult the athlete toward confidence and self-esteem.”  How we treat people, what we say to and interact with them, has great importance and impact.  Continually build others up by saying and doing things that are wholesome, helpful and uplifting, that it will benefit the one hearing it (Ephesians 4:29).

   If you are around people who tear you down or treat you with disrespect, this impacts your life.  This is a major reason why a Christian must spend time in the Word of God, as this guidance will help you to begin to understand your value and who you are in Jesus and combat the ideas and concepts that are being thrown at you.  If you want to love God and others, and not be like the world around you, your mind (thinking processes) needs to be ch ...

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