Godly Men Run

November  2022

         There are many men throughout Bible history that can be classified as Godly men. Of course, Jesus is the Godliest, but the one that was purely human, that I seem to think about most often, is the Apostle Paul. Just flip to the back of your Bible and study his missionary journeys. My word! Apart from an occasional ship, powered by the wind, all travel was on foot. Today people get upset by handicapped parking spots that make them walk a couple of car widths farther. Try a hike from Jerusalem to Greece and all over Turkey. Paul was on a mission to tell the world about Jesus Christ. He was driven. It is too easy of an answer to say he was driven by the Holy Spirit, although I believe he certainly was. It goes without saying that Paul wrote most of the New Testament, however, for the last 30 years I have been parked on a section of Scripture that he wrote to the Philippian church. Philippians 3:10-15. Ironically, Paul wrote this letter to the Church around the time he had been in ministry for 30 years. 

   I find myself asking, why would Paul write, “I want to know Christ,”  after being in ministry for 30 years and writing most of the New Testament letters? Wouldn’t you think he knew Christ by this point? I understand, a little better, the writing of the next part of what he wants to know, “the power of the resurrection.” In my exp ...

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