Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

January 2023

   Symbols, correctly interpreted, often say more than many words. A drawing of a noose...you see it and you think of death. Yet, another capital punishment symbol, the cross, for many is a symbol of hope and life. Consider the open hand on crossing signals, meant to universally indicate “stop” or “wait.” Yet, in some cultures, such a symbol, an open hand, may mean “welcome” or “come.” Perhaps, to them a closed fist means “stop.” Hopefully, the poor soul from such a place would learn the intended interpretation without injury. Now, consider that closed fist symbolically in our society, over the years many “causes” have adopted it, and still do. Generally, meaning “power,” and representing the struggle of some oppressed group to attain such power. Yet, if you think about it, a closed fist is a better representation of “oppressive” power. “Do as we say or we’ll punch you.” On the playground I learned that a bully with clenched fists was not interested in peaceful dialogue. Look around today, and it shouldn’t be difficult to discern such hypocritical groups.  They say sweet sounding words like “peace” and “love,” but that closed fist symbol they display sends a different message.  Remember the mostly “peaceful” pr ...

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