Godly Men Listen

January 2023

   I had a friend who went blind after a surgical procedure. He has since passed away. He loved the outdoors and even though blind, he continued to hunt and fish with the aid of other people that helped him. He could hear things that most folks never hear or think to. Through him I learned to listen to the sounds birds and other wildlife make. With practice, I now can identify many birds, not only by the sound of their voice but also the by sound of their wings. It’s been a fun practice to do whenever I am outside. I wonder though, am I that good at hearing God’s voice?

   Do you ever wonder why Jesus referred to people as sheep? Sheep are really not that bright. They need a lot of help just to make it through the day. I listened to a man tell of sheep in his home country of Spain. He grew up seeing shepherds leading or herding sheep nearly every day. He watched, one day, as a train interrupted the herding of a flock of sheep. Most were across the tracks but a helper set an injured sheep, that he had been carrying, down to keep a larger group away from the passing train. He turned back to see the injured sheep hobble right under the wheels of the train. The roaring sound of train wheels on steel tracks and the blasting of whistles were no deterrent to the sheep’s deadly path. It would have been more distinguished, for us Christ followers, to be referred to as mighty lions, tigers ...

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