This Is What I've Learned...You Never Know What A Day May Bring

April 2023

   This past weekend of March 26th brought a record breaking thirty four inches of spring snow to the Beartooth Mountains here in Red Lodge, Montana. Winter’s a long time going here in the Rocky Mountains. 

   One day it’s sunny and forty some degrees, and the next it’s snowing to beat the band and  sixteen degrees. Reinforcing my statement that “You never know what a day may bring,” regardless of any predicted forecast!

   So what’s your forecast for today? 

   Sunny and happy? Partly cloudy? Gloomy and melancholy? 

   And I’m not just asking about the weather on the outside of you, I’m asking about the weather on the inside of you, right between your ears. 

   So, what is the condition of your weather?  And what’s the weather like regarding some of the folks around you? Could you be letting other people make your weather?
   It’s apparent that the weather conditions of some people from time to time can be so unpredictably volatile that they can affect us with just a lightning strike from their eyes, or a thunderous clap from their tongue. So take a look around you — is there a weather maker like this near you, affecting the well being of your inside weather today? 

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