How Does Healing Work?

April 2023

  In healing, as Jesus taught, bodies and souls are healed together. “Which is it easier to say, ‘your sins are forgiven’ or ‘take up your bed and walk?’” The paralytic was both forgiven and healed. That power works for us with healing and forgiveness in tandem if we realize forgiveness applies both to mistakes of the heart and also to mistakes of the body “temple of God.” Besides mistakes related to addictions, junk foods, gluttony etc. there are mistakes related to laziness; willful ignorance; too much TV, and whatever else messes up a body and brain. Correct these (“sin no more”) and the Lord brings us to a healing path with forgiveness and healing working together. This is “holistic” or whole person healing that blesses both now and later. A legal drug “fix” can’t do that.

   Any discussion of “healing” must also include the big picture of social diseases such as random acts of violence, mass murders, and sexual confusion and perversion. It only makes sense that mistakes caused by human arrogance and ignorance that mess up bodies and brains on an individual basis will also have toxic effects in the big picture. The current discussion and confusion around sexual issues hasn’t come “out of the blue.” Cause and effect, reaping what we sow, applies here as it does for any farmer, just a ...

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