What Has Gone Wrong?

April  2023
   Last month, as my wife and I were placing free WCN newspapers at a local business, a person I have personally known for over 35 years walked past us and said, “Is there any truth in that paper?” I replied that I trusted the writers to be telling the truth to their best ability. The man was instantly enraged, stomping his feet, flailing his arms and as he stomped away, he was yelling “not Trump!” and spit was flying out of his mouth. As my wife and I looked at each other stunned, we whispered, “what was that about?” One does not have to look to hard to observe tension and flat-out division between people these days and it doesn’t take much to see it explode. 

   In contrast, it is so much fun for me to observe wild animals. The other day I watched, out the corner windows from my writing desk, as a gray squirrel took an apple suet block from the bird feeder and headed across the lawn toward the woods. Instantly the game was on. Ten blue jays were in chase along with a half dozen starlings and 3, spring returning, gang members, the red wings. The squirrel would then leave the suet and run for the woods. All the birds would take turns and share in the bounty of pecking at the captured suet feast. Then, here comes the squirrel and the birds scatter, but then dive bomb the squirrel as he moves the suet another ten feet toward the woods, then leaves ...

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