It's So Easy To Get Angry

May  2023

   My biological father left when I was two. I would ask to meet him as I got older; he always refused a visit from me. He did not want to get to know me or even to see me. As a teenager, this would make me sad, but also angry. How could my own father not want to know me?! There are real people in our lives and real situations that create the opportunity for us to choose to be angry. The situation itself does not make us angry, because another person might respond to the same situation in a different way. There is something in me that makes me angry. But the Bible tells me that love is not easily angered. so how can I live this life with other people who are often insensitive, cold, or even cruel; and not get angry?

   1 Corinthians 13:5b (NIV) “…(love) is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered…”

   It’s so easy to get angry, but love is not easily angered.  

   What makes you angry? Is there someone who gets the tea kettle of your temper boiling in only a few seconds? The above verse from 1 Corinthians reminds us what loving others does and doesn’t look like. When we are loving others well, we are not easily angered. Ephesians 4:26 tells us, in your anger, do not sin. God knows we will get angry in this life. We even see a righteous anger modeled by Jesus and God Himself throughout the Bibl ...

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