Power Of the Lemon

May 2023

  “Man does not live by bread alone (made) but by every word of God (said).” Man lives by God’s Word and the wholesomeness of his food, air and water, herbs, soil, sunshine, and all that God created to support wellness of body, mind, and spirit. This includes the power of the lemon. 

   For 500 years, lemons and limes gave the British navy power to rule the world as the Spanish learned. To this day British sailors are called “limies.”  It’s about the C complex with flavonoids and co-factors that heal and prevent scurvy. It’s also about pH and a broad range of issues related to body chemistry and immune function including cancer. Search in the National Library of Medicine under “lemons and cancer” (pubmed.gov). Other search engines might work too. You will find so many studies on lemon juice, pulp, seed, peel it would take several lifetimes to read it all.

   How is the lemon used in healing? One simple way used by naturopathic doctors is “lemon water.” It’s a glass of clean water with fresh lemon juice squeeze in. Bottled doesn’t work. The British tried that and learned their lesson with dying sailors. One of the quickest ways to balance body chemistry is a short “fast” on lemon and water. Ghandi used lemon water in his fasts to free India from British rule. A short fast put ...

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