God Is In Control?

May  2023

     I have lost count of how many times I have heard this statement, “God is in control,” from people I believe to be followers of Christ Jesus. It doesn’t seem to matter what the subject is. It could be a political election. A solid Christian candidate versus a far Left, God hating candidate, backed by millions of dollars from far-Left communist hopefuls, from out of state and literally buying votes though false advertising. The liberal, socialist hopefuls and others who are deceived, go vote and the conservative Christians stay home saying “God is in control.”

   I heard this statement again recently as I was telling someone about some of the things I learned at the recent WCN conference. As I explained to one man the organized effort to take over America and the inevitable persecution of Christians that will follow and has already begun, his response was, “God is in control.”  Different day, same discussion with a different man, his response was, “God is in control.” 

   I went further, this time, and explained that currently 400 Christians, worldwide, die every day, just because they are Christians. His defense of God being in control was “Those people must be from China and some of those eastern countries — read the Revelation and you will find out that we will be raptured out ...

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