Optics, Visions and Dreams

   I guess I sort of consider myself a “visionary.”  No, I don’t mean I see “visions” or am any sort of “prophet.”  But I can see things as they are and ENVISION what could be.  I can look at a broken-down, ramshackle house or car and see how it can be brought back to life.  I can see a yard with badly neglected landscaping and lawn and see the beauty that it could be.  In the 1990s, I envisioned a Christian newspaper for Wisconsin — a virtually impossible feat to pull off, but the Lord God Himself TOLD me to start one, and now our newspaper, Wisconsin Christian News is putting out more copies than ever before and it’s distributed nationally — not just for Wisconsin anymore.  And I can also look upon a lost soul, consumed and deceived by worldly enticements and see a new creation in Christ, IF only they’ll seek Him in humble repentance and faith.
   In my life, I’ve also had some great ideas for things long before they existed.  For example, I envisioned self-adhesive postage stamps at least ten years before they came out with them.  The idea of satellite radio also came to me at least ten years before it was launched.  Lately, I had another great idea that somebody, eventually, will make millions of dollars with.  You know, they have landscaping ...

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