Five Reasons Why You Need To Consider A Revocable Trust

June/July 2023

   With a legal and political environment that is as unpredictable as it is tumultuous, it is understandable that many Christians hesitate to engage attorneys to prepare their estate plans.  Some prepare documents for themselves, a practice fraught with peril.  Some others look to the internet for advice or forms for low-cost estate plans, a practice akin to asking the fox to protect the henhouse.  Most, however, do nothing, leaving friends and relatives unequipped and directionless to resolve matters in the event of death.

   For the following five reasons, Christians as faithful stewards must consider not only basic estate planning documents, but specifically a revocable trust to prepare for their incapacity and/or death.

Revocable Trusts Put You In Control of Your Estate
   At its core, estate planning is the art and science of making decisions about future events so that other people aren’t forced or empowered to make them on your behalf.  For example, instead of assuming you will never become incompetent and allowing your most aggressive relatives to fight for dominion over your estate in the event that incompetence finds you, a well-crafted estate plan to select the person or people you trust to manage your affairs if you are not able.

   This ability to designate and control is even more im ...

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