What the Month of June Means to Me

June/July 2023

   The month of June probably means different things to different people.  Watching the local and national news, I was quickly reminded of what someone else wants it to mean to all of us.  A rainow colored flag flying at the Wisconsin State Capital in Madison, just below the State flag, which is flying just below the American flag says a lot of things.

   Because the month of June is right between two of our most important National Holidays — Memorial Day, always in the last days of May, a special day to remember and pay our respect to those who gave their lives defending our country in war; and the Fourth of July, the day we celebrate as the beginning of our nation... plus June 6, when we remember the D-Day invasion, a single day when 29,000 Americans died in the process of defeating Nazi Germany.

   That period of time in June, is, for me, a length of time that I think about our country probably more than the other eleven months combined.

   For me, the month of June is a time of humility and thankfulness, realizing once again the good of America, even with all of Her bad, has more times than not, served her citizens well, along with the rest of the world.  And many have paid a high price for me to even be able to say that.

   Words are powerful things.  Someone has said that every word that pr ...

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