Build Back Better

   The big call during the last presidential election was to “Build Back Better.”  That was the theme of the campaign of the illegitimate regime currently occupying the White House.  Not surprisingly, it just happens to be the same theme of the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” agenda as well.
   But in order to “build back” — for better or worse — you first have to “tear down.”  And that’s exactly what we’ve been seeing over the last decade or so and this “tearing down” of America has accelerated to a mind-boggling speed.
   I could go back much further, but let’s start with the election year of 2020.  The country was devastated as groups like ANTIFA and the now-disgraced Black Lives Matter movement recruited and paid people to riot, burn, loot and destroy many of our nation’s cities. Anarchy was everywhere — but it wasn’t to protest the unconstitutional edicts of those who orchestrated the COVID scam-demic — it was over racial division, fueled by intense hatred, and like the scam-demic this racial strife was also highly orchestrated.
   In Seattle, anarchists took control of eight city blocks for nearly a month, declaring the area to be a “sovereign nation,” known as “CHAZ&rd ...

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