The Focus on County and Local Government in Our Day and the American Revolution

August 2023

   I have witnessed a precious silver lining from the plandemic and from the election steal, namely, people are flooding into county and local government in order to make a stand for freedom. 

   Due to the plandemic and the steal (and a host of other evils), thousands of Americans realize they no longer have the convenience of being indifferent to the unjust and immoral actions of their government. 

  They have realized not only is their federal government at war with Christ and with the people – but they also have realized that their state officials love to play the tyrant. They have realized that the Republicans aren’t going to save them.

   So they have flooded into county and local government to possess a lawful body and make a stand for freedom. And this is incredibly similar to our history. The American Revolution began at the county and local levels.

   On September 9th, 1774 Suffolk County, Massachusetts issued what was known as the “Suffolk Resolves.” The document was a declaration of interposition and defiance of British lawlessness and tyranny. The British government had long been impugning and violating and redefining the Massachusetts’ Charter of 1691,  which was the founding document of Massachusetts.

   The Suffolk Resolves stood in interpositio ...

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