The Focus on County and Local Government in Our Day and the American Revolution

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August 2023

   I have witnessed a precious silver lining from the plandemic and from the election steal, namely, people are flooding into county and local government in order to make a stand for freedom. 

   Due to the plandemic and the steal (and a host of other evils), thousands of Americans realize they no longer have the convenience of being indifferent to the unjust and immoral actions of their government. 

  They have realized not only is their federal government at war with Christ and with the people – but they also have realized that their state officials love to play the tyrant. They have realized that the Republicans aren’t going to save them.

   So they have flooded into county and local government to possess a lawful body and make a stand for freedom. And this is incredibly similar to our history. The American Revolution began at the county and local levels.

   On September 9th, 1774 Suffolk County, Massachusetts issued what was known as the “Suffolk Resolves.” The document was a declaration of interposition and defiance of British lawlessness and tyranny. The British government had long been impugning and violating and redefining the Massachusetts’ Charter of 1691,  which was the founding document of Massachusetts.

   The Suffolk Resolves stood in interposition of the Intolerable or Coercive Acts made by the British government. 

   The Resolves were recognized by British statesman Edmund Burke as a major development in colonial animosity which eventually lead to the United States’ Declaration of Independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. He urged both within Parliament and without for British conciliation with the American colonies – but they did not listen.

   The Suffolk Resolves were really the shot heard round the world.

   Understand that the entire conflict between the colonies and Britain began at the county level.  If you doubt this, just study the Stamp Act of 1765 – that history is loaded with acts of interposition by the counties. Declarations like the Suffolk Resolves were made by counties throughout the colonies. 

   The fight for freedom began at the county level within the colonies.

   And now, here we see the fight in our day is at the county level. And that is where you need to engage in the battle – at the county and local level!

   Understand, the tyrant superior authority always counts on the blithe compliance of the lesser authorities in order to get their evil and lawlessness down into the fabric of society. The county and local officials must interpose against the evil.

   And yes, I know the vast majority of Americans remain indifferent and compliant to their government’s evil edicts and lawless acts. But understand – the majority is never needed to see great change take place. History has proven time and time again that a small band of men committed to a holy cause can bring great change in a nation.

   The majority of people will always only care about three things, namely - me, myself, and I.  A small minority always determines the future of a nation.

   Scripture reveals God’s love for a small group of men committed to Him in order to accomplish His purposes in the earth. Scripture reveals His love for guerrilla warfare. 

   For the last 15 years, I have told people not to waste their time with federal politics – but to put their efforts into local, county, and state government matters. No one would listen – until the plandemic and the steal – and now men have rushed into local and county government from coast to coast. 

   But the two political parties and the media don’t want you to focus on county and local government; rather, they want you to focus on national politics, particularly the presidential campaign. They want you to ignore the county and local government matters.

   Below is a link to a 3-minute video we made recently. Notice that – although the two political parties and the media want to make the office of President into an emperorship — the Constitution delegates very little power to the office of President.

   Stay on course at the county and local level, and even the state level. 

Americans Distracted Easily by This Shiny Object — 3-minute video

   Don’t be the typical American who falls for this!

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