The Decimation of Civilization

August 2023

      It is  hard to even  fathom how drastically the cultural norms of western civilization have been shifted  in the course of a lifetime.  The unraveling of the family unit came in on the popular notion that “love” should be “free” — both from marriage bonds and reproductive responsibilities. But once “love” broke down the corral of marriage, there was  little patience with the playpen. Thus, the legal decimation of the baby population became the next logical target.  One could suppose that in a civilized society, the shock waves of what is now many millions of casualties would assail the collective conscience of the people. 

   Shouldn't this also provoke examination of the soul, with the ever increasing disastrous problems with mass shootings, suicide rates, the drug use epidemic, and skyrocketing prison populations? Instead, we find that perverseness is a bottomless cauldron that can never can be satisfied. This finally has brought with it  the unprecedented move to “free” the young and innocent from the biological gender of birth. Then comes at the awful toll of permanently maiming even middle and preschool children. (Sex change surgeries and therapy  get much more complicated after puberty). Why such practice is not ranked with sexual abuse of children and subjected to criminal prosec ...

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