Let's End Cancer

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   Way back in late ‘60s or early ‘70s I wasn’t much aware of it, but congress had some hearings about all the money that was being spent on cancer research, and nothing was coming from it.  A doctor’s wife showed up and testified that her husband came back from a big medical convention and told her, “We cannot afford to find a cure for cancer, it would ruin a financial dynasty.”  Well, all this time later, they haven’t and the dynasty is still intact.  According to Dr. Williams, most of the research money is spent on how to manage cancer, not to cure it.  But quite a few cures are available, and have been for quite a few years, though the best cure, is prevention.

   Cancer isn’t caused by germs or viruses.  You can’t catch by coming in contact with a person that has it.  It’s caused mostly by your lifestyle and things you expose yourself to.  It looks to me like cancer is one of the easiest things to cure with some of the right treatments. So that was quite a feat to take an easily curable disease and turn it into a 500 billion-dollar-a-year world-wide cost.  Also now they fight with all their might  to keep the fact that it is so easy to cure quiet, so they can keep the money coming in and scare the dickens out of you if they diagnose you with it.  I’m not a d ...

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