Children Are Being Sold!

Editor, Wisconsin Christian News:

   A society is judged by the manner in which it treats the most vulnerable among them.  At the present moment, we are failing terribly.

   I recently saw the movie Sound of Freedom, a movie that chronicles the heroic efforts of Tim Ballard as he rescues children from Central America that were kidnaped and sold into the sex slave industry.  Yes, I said industry, as it now surpasses pornography in terms of money generated for the perpetrators of this sickening trade.

   If anything can be more disgusting than what is portrayed in this film (hard to imagine), it is the fact that people are actually speaking out against this film.  Seriously, what kind of sick perverts are you?  A Rothschild went on CNN and told people not to see it because it was a QANON conspiracy.  Rolling Stone magazine repeated the same lie.  FYI, the events in the film took place in 2014.  Do your own math.  As the saying goes, cockroaches scatter when the light is turned on.  Wonder what is on their computers...

   Disney sat on this film for 5 years and would not let it be released.  Somehow, a small studio got ahold of it and is spreading the message of the unspeakable horror that is happening right under our noses.  

   Yet, why should we be surprised that this sex trade exis ...

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