Webster, Wisconsin Schools Push LGBTQ Agenda

The Webster School District in Northwest Wisconsin is promoting the LGBTQ agenda. The school district is one of the largest in Wisconsin, but covers an area not densely populated.

In the fall of 2019, Steve McConkey was notified by a number of parents that the school had a transgender cheerleader. The students were told that they could not refer to the person as a boy or they would be disciplined.

McConkey, who operates a worldwide sports ministry called 4Winds, distributed a news release about the situation locally, unlike most of the news releases that go worldwide. The transgender cheerleader eventually graduated. 

Last winter, a parent said there were rainbow colored bricks surrounding the elementary music room. At the March school board meeting, McConkey brought up the transgender cheerleader and the painted bricks. After the board meeting, no one notified McConkey about the reason for the bricks.

In the spring, the district said the rainbow colored bricks were related to a music program that the teacher was using. A person saw a picture of the room on the school's Facebook page. The person zoomed various parts of the room and discovered a decal above the light switch.

A student took a picture of the decal and sent it to McConkey. The sticker was found to be connected to Gender Inclusive Schools. At their website, this organization instructs teachers and parents with transgender kids ...

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