Polka Dots and Sprinkles

Complimentary Story
September 2023 

   This past Saturday, as my wife and I were doing our morning Bible study on our front porch, a young girl with a polka dot shirt rode up on her bike, got off and started searching through our neighbors’ bushes. It was obvious she was in search of “something!”

   The little girl’s name was Bella.  She is 8 years old and she was clearly upset about something. Upon coming up empty in our neighbors’ bushes, she bravely, yet cautiously, walked over to us and asked, “Do you mind if I look through your bushes for Sprinkles?”

   I asked; “Who is Sprinkles?” She replied that Sprinkles is a baby rabbit she found in her yard, and that Sprinkles has a little white spot on her head. She said she put Sprinkles in her book bag and brought her over to her friend’s next door to show her. She then carefully put Sprinkles back into the book bag. She left the zipper open just a little bit, so Sprinkles could breathe! However, upon her return, she found that Sprinkles got out and now was lost somewhere over here in the bushes.

   “May I please look in your bushes for Sprinkles?” she asked.

   Now, who could refuse a request like that? Now, Bella may only be eight years old, but she had a seriousness of that of a surgeon, as she searched our bushes for her beloved “Sprinkles.” When she came up empty, I thought she was going to cry. She then said ... with the seriousness of a heart attack: “I’VE GOT TO FIND HER! It is going to rain ... and if it rains ... she’ll get wet ... and if she gets wet ... she’ll get sick and die.” It was clearly a matter of life and death!

   It was here where my wife, who is eminently smarter than I, told Bella... “Instead of worrying about Sprinkles, pray for her! Ask God to watch over her and keep her safe!”

   Bella paused and said, “that is a good idea ... I can do that! Do you guys go to church?” she asked. We then told her where we go to church, and then she shared where she lived, where she went to school and what grade she was in. It was then we found out that she is “best friends” with one of our granddaughters.
   And then ... off she went!

   With her heart — and innocence on full display — right there in my front yard.  It was a pleasure to be in her presence that morning. To me, it was like I was in the presence of an “angel.”

   In less than a week, eight year old Bella — this innocent little angel — will be back in school, facing the distinct possibility that her and other eight-year-olds in her class will be read; Tommy’s New Dress by one of her teachers or school administrators. She and millions more like her will be “groomed” and indoctrinated by adults trying to brainwash them, as they have been. Then, once out of school, she may take a trip to her local library where a “transvestite” — a grown man dressed in women’s clothing — reads books like: You Thought You Were A Girl ... But You’re Not... or The Pear That Thought It Was A Plumb ... or My Father Is Really My Mother ... and all this happens right under our noses ... all with the consent of delusional parents.

   Pastor, see the many local, professing “Christians” who have drunk the Kool-Aide and participated and supported the “Pride Event” at Telfer Park. (Near Beloit, Wis.) Now you may not have drunk the Kool-Aide — yet — but its glass is at your lips. One day, you too may be tempted to drink the Kool-Aide. You need to get it off your table — out of your kitchen, out of your home, out of your church and out of your community! And you need to help other brothers and sisters in Christ to do the same — before they, too, raise a glass to evil!

   Then you need to take a stand — a stand for 8-year-old Bella, and millions more like her. Events such as “Pride Night” and “Drag Queen Story Hour” have no business in our communities. Do you have the courage to do so — to take a stand for the youth in your communities?

   I warned you all long ago that the whole LGBT agenda has been a well thought out, carefully planned “strategy” using nothing but the very best marketing tools and resources out there to desensitize, then push. promote, sell and prosper the LGBT agenda.  Then persecute those who don’t march to the beat of their drum. In actuality, it is pure marketing genius — not to mention evil.

   And if you are wondering if they’ve been successful,  just consider the many within the “churches” and the man so-called “Christian” denominations that have bought the lie!  You’ve all been deceived!

   “Do not be deceived; for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap.”  (Galatians 6:7).

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