Why Rebellion in the US is Now Required

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September  2023

   The US and the whole of the Western World is in the grips of a tyrannical takeover. The United States Constitution, the document that served as the inspiration for many other Western governments, is no longer relevant. America is becoming increasingly unrecognizable due to the damage done by a cabal of unelected, self-appointed demonic overlords intent on killing most of us and enslaving those who remain. Lest you think this is mere hyperbole, consider the events of the last few years and what is happening today.

   Our First Amendment rights are nearly gone. Saying that there are only two genders, speaking out against biological men competing in womens’ sports, or protesting in front of an abortion facility or modern day charnel house can get you fired, censored, deplatformed, or in some cases, arrested, charged, and imprisoned.

   Our Second Amendment is on life-support. Simply stated, the government is actively coming for your guns. Consider that the ATF is rapidly changing definitions that will restrict our ability to own or purchase guns. One ban includes some 40 million firearms by reclassifying weapons with pistol braces as short-barreled rifles that would require owners to purchase tax stamps and be subjected to oppressive procedural requirements. Additionally, the ATF is now redefining “gun dealers,” a move that could classify as anyone who attempts to buy, sell, or pass down a gun as a gun dealer. Their objective is clear: disarm all law-abiding citizens.

   All other amendments and protections granted to us under our founding document are under simultaneous and constant attack. Our nation is no longer sovereign, considering that we no longer have protected borders. It’s not just that we have a porous southern border, our southern border has been destroyed. Ceding authority to international bodies including the UN, the WEF, and a host of NGOs, our puppet government has not only permitted unfettered access to our nation by citizens of other countries but is aiding and abetting the invasion as I’ve detailed in previous columns. Millions of these illegal entrants are criminals who commit crimes and carry diseases. Moreover, it’s our duty to put them up in hotels in all of our major cities, give them money and medical care, cell phones, and waive any legal consequences for their continued illegal residence in the United States.

   We no longer have a working justice system. Consider that we experienced 120 days of riots by organized elements of ANTIFA and BLM that caused over $2.4 billion in property damages, including the burning of a federal building, a police station, a church in Lafayette Square, and an attempted attack on the White House. The perpetrators and their backers have largely gone unpunished, while people who showed up to protest a compromised election have been arrested and charged with crimes disproportionate of their actions. In almost every case, from the district attorneys to the judges have been the benefactors of money and other support from known communist groups or other activists intent of the destruction of the United States. And the arrests related to the events of January 6, 2021, are far from over. Some Department of Justice estimates state that there are another 1,000 people who are targets of criminal action.

   Meanwhile, the last four FBI directors, Robert Mueller, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, and Christopher Wray have lied under oath either in congressional hearings or to investigative bodies, each without consequence.

   Election rigging (e.g., the dropping of 300,000 paper ballots at 3:00 in the morning after the republican observers have been ousted from the counting centers in the polling places), and interference by members of the intelligence community (domestic as well as foreign), with the assistance of the corporate media, framed a former president and current presidential candidate while protecting the Biden crime syndicate. Lies about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop that contained authenticated evidence of FARA violations, money laundering, foreign bribes, as well as federal gun violations, prostitution, and drug use, members of the Deep State have not only lied about and protected Biden, but refused to open a legitimate investigation that could constitute a case of actual sedition and possibly even treason.

Coming Attractions

   The events we saw and endured during the “COVID pandemic” were merely a trial run for upcoming events. The Communist Left and the Complicit Right, forming the Uni-Party working against the American people, will continue to increase their oppression absent of any real opposition.

   The Communist Left knows that they cannot fairly win in the 2024 election. They see, as does the entire world, the cognitive decline of Joseph Biden, who was installed in 2020 by some of the most blatant election rigging this country ever experienced.  They know that even with 70% mail-in voting and ballot harvesting, they are up against an angrier and more awakened segment of the population. 

   They must find a way to get rid of Biden and Harris, both who served their purposes, while simultaneously getting rid of President Trump and his base. As time runs out, their desperation is increasing. President Trump, whose popularity appears to rise with each politically motivated and baseless indictment they file, must be dealt with preferably before the primaries. If they cannot incarcerate President Trump via their unprecedented expediting of the trial and a guilty verdict (as they have already done – 5 months from indictment to a trial date on the day before the primaries), followed by immediate sentencing, then they could well resort to a more “permanent” solution. 

   Should you deny that would ever happen, consider what the same cabal did to John F. Kennedy (assassination), Richard Nixon (internal coup), and Ronald Reagan (shot and nearly died). Each had taken on the military and intelligence communities in one form or another. History is replete with similar examples.

   We must not forget about the war in Ukraine, a proxy war between the Neocons and the Communist Left using a US backed NATO to enrich the global elite while providing plausible deniability regarding the destruction of much unsavory evidence against the global oligarchs, as well as selling the American people on the (intentional) destruction of the US Dollar. There are few ways out of this war, although it could be ended with Biden’s removal.

    Depending upon who wins the ideological fight within the Deep State, it could be that Biden is removed before the 2024 election or a limited nuclear exchange where Russia uses the same excuse as we did with the Japanese to end World War II.  It could be both, although I expect to see Biden announcing that he will not seek another term or otherwise removed from office before this coming November.

   The domestic and global demonic cabal are working in tandem to destroy the United States and will not stop unless we, the people, muster the courage to fight back.

   We are engaged in something that is more than political. It’s different and bigger than the first American Revolution. It’s a fight for our very souls against an evil so intent on winning at any cost that they have become transparent in their actions. It’s certainly spiritual, and as Christians, we must not allow our children and the most innocent and vulnerable among us to be victims of their unjust actions. It is not only our right, but our responsibility.

   A quote attributed to Thomas Aquinas, or perhaps his summation of the writings in Summa Theologica, states:

   “He who is not angry when there is just cause for anger is immoral. Why? Because anger looks to the good of justice. And if you can live amid injustice without anger, you are immoral as well as unjust.”

   We must not accept immorality nor injustice. Therefore, is rebellion not required?


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